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On 20th Jan. 2017, we launched a new duty free product, “Kinkon Junmai-Ginjo Wasou” 500 ml, sake made in Edo-Tokyo, exclusively sold at the duty free shops in Haneda International Airport and Narita International Airport.
This product was developed under the collaboration with Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., which operates Haneda Airport terminal buildings, and Maiax Corp., which produces the Kimono Sake Cover.
The sake “Wasou” is Junmai-Ginjo, and has rich aroma and fresh taste. The Kimono Sake Cover is made under the traditions of Kyoto Nishijin-brocade, and each one is handmade by Japanese craftspeople. You can dress the Kimono Sake Cover on the sake bottle.
We’d propose a new souvenir, which you can display after drinking to keep good memories in Japan for a long time.
You can find “Wasou” at TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL in Haneda International Airport, JAPAN DUTY FREE at the main building and other three JDF’s in Narita International Airport.
Ingredient: Rice (Japanese), Rice koji (Japanese rice) Alcohol: 15~16% Milling rate: 55% Sake Meter Value: +1 Price: 7,000JPY