Toshimaya established in 1596, the oldest sake shop in Tokyo. People relating Toshimaya passionately talk on its history, philosophy, and motivation for sake brewing in the 5-min VTR.




Company Name Toshimaya Corporation
Address 1-5-1 Kandasarugaku-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0064 JAPAN Google Map
Telephone +81-3-3293-9111
FAX +81-3-3293-9117
Foundation 1596 (Keicho 1)
Incorporation Feb. 1, 1936 (Showa 11)
Capital 25 million yen
Board members Chairman : Takayuki Yoshimura, Ph.D
President : Toshiyuki Yoshimura, Ph.D
Director : Tadayuki Tanaka
Director : Youko Kimura
Director : Mitsuo Hirano
Auditor : Taketoshi Suzuki
Business domains
  1. Sake brewery, wholesale and internet-sale of sake, shirozake (white sake), mirin (sweet cooking sake), alcoholic beverage, shoyu (soy sauce), and other food for business use.
  2. Real estate.
Major Suppliers Toshimaya Shuzou Sake Brewery Co. Ltd., Chiba Shoyu Co. Ltd., Kokubu & Co. Ltd., Nihon Shurui-hanbai Co. Ltd., Mitsui Foods Co. Ltd. and others.
Major Customers
  1. Soba / Udon restaurants in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa area.
  2. Metropolitan hospitals, rice snack manufacturers, sushi restaurants, unagi (eel) restaurants, taverns etc.
  3. Hotel Okura, Keio Plaza Hotel, Hoshino Resorts and other hotels.
  4. Isetan-Mitsukoshi, Tokyu, Seibu-Sogo, Hankyu-Hanshin and other department stores.
  5. Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (Haneda Airport, Narita Airport)
  6. Kinokuniya, Seijo-Ishii, and other high-graded supermarkets.
  7. Personal customers through internet.
Major Banking Partners Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Kanda branch)
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Jinbo-cho branch)
Japan Finance Corporation (Tokyo branch)
Related companies Toshimaya Shuzou Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.
Kanda Toshimaya.
Affiliated unions Toto Norenkai (association of 54 longstanding stores for over three generations and 100 years in Tokyo)
Tohshu-hatsuka-kai (union of longstanding retail companies of sake in Tokyo)
Tokyo Shoyu Wholesalers Union (union of influential retailing companies of soy sauce in Tokyo) etc.
Mission Toshimaya provides value to customers through high-quality alcohol and food, and contributes to the development of food culture.
Code of conduct (Company principle) “Hueki-Ryuko” (Continuity with Change)
We preserve what should be preserved, while changing what needs to be changed.


Toshimaya has its origins in the sake store and tavern opened by the founder, Toshimaya Juemon. The premises first opened at Kanda/Kamakura Waterfront (near the present-day Kanda Bridge in downtown Tokyo) in the first year of the Keicho era (1596).

When Juemon began brewing shirozake (white sake), it gained a reputation throughout Edo (the present-day Tokyo). And it was from this time that the Japanese custom of offering shirozake on Girls’ Day, the annual event during which people pray for girls’ healthy growth, is said to have begun.

Since the founding of our business, which has sake at its core, we have always observed the family motto passed on by word of mouth, “The customer and sincerity – first”. Our company’s code of conduct is based on “Continuity with Change”, whereby we preserve what should be preserved, while changing what needs to be changed.

When new patterns of behavior are required during the spread of COVID-19, we should always ask ourselves on what we can do to our society, and we would also like to keep on making “values” to our customers.

As our business moves forward into the future, we will always keep in mind a sense of gratitude.

Toshiyuki Yoshimura, Ph.D. (16th President)


Toshimaya Corporation
1-5-1 Kandasarugaku-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0064 JAPAN
Call +81-3-3293-9111